MidoDay Tokyo 2015


MidoDay Tokyo 2015


The first-ever MidoDay will take place in Tokyo, Japan on Monday, 26 October 2015 - the day just before OpenStack Summit Tokyo.

The program consists of two parts:

  • Presentations (morning & afternoon)
  • Mini Training (afternoon only)

Accordingly, there's two kinds of tickets:

  • Main Track: Access to all presentations
  • Mini Training: Access to the morning presentations & participation in the hands-on mini-training in the afternoon

While the Main Track tickets are available free of charge, the strictly limited Mini Training tickets cost USD 50 (plus fees) to cover some of our costs. Please note, that you'll only need either ticket, not both.


All tickets are available from Eventbrite.


As detailed below, the MidoDay (Main Track) opens doors at 9 AM and ends at about 7 PM. The Mini Training will run roughly from 1:45 PM through 5:45 PM to allow participants to change location after lunch, and again before the reception.

Note: Mini-Training Participants will only join the morning sessions.

Time Duration Speaker Presentation
At 09:00 AM Doors Open
09:00 AM
- 09:45 AM
45 min Registration & Breakfast
09:45 AM
- 10:00 AM
15 min Sandro Mathys
Welcome & Agenda
10:00 AM
- 10:30 AM
30 min Dan Mihai Dumitriu
Keynote: A Brief History of MidoNet
10:30 AM
- 11:00 AM
30 min JF Joly
MidoNet Vision & Roadmap
11:00 AM
- 11:30 AM
30 min Cody Herriges
Community User Story (Title TBD)
11:30 AM
- 12:00 PM
30 min Chris Janiszewski
(Red Hat)
Walk Through a Software Defined Everything PoC
(featuring MidoNet & Ceph)
12:00 PM
- 01:30 PM
90 min Networking Lunch
01:30 PM
- 02:00 PM
30 min Toni Segura (Midokura) &
Carmela Rubinos (Midokura)
Puppet, and Fuel, and Juju, and RDO Manager! Oh, my!
02:00 PM
- 02:30 PM
30 min Taku Fukushima
Container Orchestration Integration:
OpenStack Kuryr & Apache Mesos
02:30 PM
- 03:00 PM
30 min Samir Ibradzic
Operations Experience
03:00 PM
- 03:30 PM
30 min Tomoe Sugihara
Testing MidoNet
03:30 PM
- 04:00 PM
30 min Coffee Break
04:00 PM
- 05:00 PM
60 min Pino de Candia
Technical Deep Dive into MidoNet (incl. SDN, NFV, etc.)
05:00 PM
- 05:30 PM
30 min Mike Ford
Troubleshooting MidoNet
05:30 PM
- 06:00 PM
30 min Sandro Mathys
MidoNet Community
06:00 PM
- 07:00 PM
60 min Networking Reception


The presentations and mini-training both have their own location, about 15 minutes walking distance from each other.

Main Track

All presentations will take place in the Docomo Innovation Village at ARK Hills:

ARK Mori Building 31F
1-12-32 Akasaka, Minato-ku
Tokyo 107-6001

Mini Training

The Mini Training in the afternoon will take place in the offices of Midokura Japan:

Azabudai Hinoki Bldg. 6F
3-1-5 Azabudai, Minato-ku
Tokyo 106-0041


If you have any questions or comments regarding this event, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us!

Here's the best options to do so:


Join us in #general or #midoday-tokyo-2015 on Slack: https://slack.midonet.org

MidoNet Mailing List

Post to our general purpose mailing list: https://lists.midonet.org/listinfo/midonet

Ask MidoNet

Post on our questions & answers forum: https://ask.midonet.org


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