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About "ABEJA-Innovation-Meetup"

This event is for people who are interested to know the latest technologies!

The speed at which technology is advancing and upgrading can be overwhelming. We at ABEJA are doing research on Deep Learning since 2012, and we try not only to use Deep Learning but also general Machine Learning with latest technologies to enhance businesses.

Take this opportunity to meet researchers and engineers who use these latest technologies for work. Also, learn something new from a list of interesting talks ! Researchers and engineers from all over the world are looking forward to meet you! There will be snacks and drinks.

※We welcome 2 participants to deliver presentation at Lightning talk. Feel free to ask me! Love to have you!

※We use English in this meetup.


Deep Learning / Machine Learning / serverless Archtecture/ Lambda/ Python /Ruby / zabbix / fluentd / chef / Jenkins / S3 / Lambda / API Gateway / EC2 / Cloud Front / AWS Batch / AWS Pinpoint / ECS / AWS Config / Scrum /

Event Summary

Day April 4th 2017
Doors open 7:15pm
Opening 7:30pm
Entrance fee Free
Internet connection Guest Wifi
Management company ABEJA, Inc.
Place Tanakayama Building 10F 4-1-20, Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Capacity 30
Hashtag #ABEJAmeetup
N.B. after Linghtning Talk we have dring and snacks

Time Schedule

Time Content
19:15 Doors Open
19:30 Opening
19:35 LT 1:「In and Around CNNs」
19:55 LT 2: TBD
20:10 LT 3: TBD
20:25 Lightning Talk(Come join us! 2-3 persons)
20:45 Drinks,food
21:30 終了

Lightning Talk members

Abhinav Dadhich(Abhi)(ABEJA Deep Learning Researcher)

「In and Around CNNs」

Previous experience in Robotics and Machine Learning, he is an one of the Researchers at Abeja solving various real world problems using Deep Learning. Often use keras, tensorflow, caffe, cuda etc in his work.

Shane Cousins(ABBEJA Platform Div Product Owner)


Came to Japan in 2001, joining Motorola supporting the deployment of next generation cellular networks. Later moved from network deployment to software development, starting with traditional Waterfall development, and later shifting to agile development methodologies, becoming a scrummaster. Since, I've led a number of software projects dealing with the processing of cellular call data to optimize network performance. Currently, I work as the Team lead and PO of the ABJEA Platform development team.

Corey Soreff(ABEJA Platform Div Rails Engineer)


Started first business when I was 16 years old, which grew and became a thriving e-commerce entity that I operated for 9 years in America. In 2011, I moved to Israel and worked in International Relations for a year there, went back to university for Computer Science to finally become a software engineer. I have been working on web applications for years and was excited to accept the opportunity to come to Japan.

What to bring

Business cards, if you have.


・If you come after 8:00pm ,please let us inform to 03-6452-8848, because the entrance will be closed. ・We welcome if you do not use this event for your hiring.

Management company


30人 /定員34人
港区虎ノ門4-1-20 田中山ビル10F




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