PyCon JP 2017




カンファレンス本体は9/8(金)、9/9(土)の2日間 行われ参加するためには参加費が必要です。参加登録とお支払いをお願いします。


  • 全講演(8日、9日)への参加
  • ランチ
  • PyCon JP Tシャツ & グッズ
  • パーティ(8日(予定),学生パーティ不参加チケット者は除く)
  • 税込

クレジットカード決済の手段がない方は、個別対応となります。2017 [ at ] pycon.jpまでメールで問い合わせてください。 (できるだけクレジットカード決済をお願いします。決済手段の例: 知人に依頼して代理決済, プリペイドVISAをコンビニで購入する)


  • 一般参加者(Patron/Business/Personal/学生) - 参加登録が必要です
  • 発表者 - 参加登録が必要です
  • 運営スタッフ、スポンサー枠で参加する人 - 参加登録は不要です


Personal は領収書が出ません。 領収書の必要な方、また会社負担で参加される方はPatron/Businessで申し込みお願いします。


Student(学生)のチケット購入者の方は、当日 学生証 を持参してください。

Waseda University Student (早稲田大学学生)のチケット購入者の方は、当日 早稲田大学学生証 を持参してください。


Speakers need to purchase tickets, but since tickets are sold out, tickets for speakers are sold separately.

PyCon JP 2017 is the largest annual event for the Japan Python community and takes place over a period of 4 days with tutorial, keynote talks, conference, and development sprints.

Please sign up on this page to attend the main conference on Sep 8th and 9th .

The fee above includes:

  • All talks (8th, 9th)
  • Lunch (8th, 9th)
  • PyCon JP T-shirt and Goods
  • Conference After-Party (8th(Planning), except for Student ticket without After-Party)
  • tax included

We recommend that everyone pay with a credit card for both convenience and security reasons. If anyone, however, is having difficulty paying via credit card or does not have one, please contact us at 2017 [ at ] pycon . jp .

Who needs to register?:

  • Patron/Business/Personal/Student/Conference speakers - please sign up from this page.
  • Organizing staff members, event staffs and those who attend as sponsors quota - you are NOT required to register here separately.


We cannot issue a receipt for "Personal" recipient. If you need a receipt or purchase a ticket by the company, please choose "Business" or "Patron" sponsorship.

The conference speakers who want Early Bird ticket, please register in advance. There is no speaker discount.

The attendee who bought Student ticket, please show your student ID card at conference reception.

The attendee who bought Waseda University Student ticket, please show your Waseda University student ID card at conference reception.

Other detailed information should check here.


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