Hidden Benefits of Explainable AI Seminar 5/16(水)


(英語のイベントです) Team AI proudly welcome Mr.Kerry Champion
who travels from Silicon Valley.

We organize his seminar networking party.


  • Seminar "Hidden benefits of Explainable AI"

Hidden benefits of Explainable AI: AI models are often "blackboxes", they produce useful results but it can be very difficult for humans to interpret why a given result was chosen. There is a growing body of techniques to make blackbox AI models deliver not just a prediction but also an explanation of that prediction. Data scientists will sometimes assume that the only benefit of providing an explanation is to make a naive end-user more comfortable with using an AI prediction. That assumption is wrong, explainability techniques can provide multiple benefits including:
+ improved feature engineering
+ more accurate assessment of generalizability
+ more effective monitoring and troubleshooting
+ ability to meet legal and regulatory requirements
+ improved communication with team members who are not Data Scientists
+ etc.

  • Casual questions from audience are always welcome.

Guest; Kerry Champion


SanFrancisco State University / Carlypso VP / Alchemist Accelerator / Menlo Machine Learning

Host : Daisuke Ishii (Founder of Jenio Inc. & Team AI)

Kyoto U / Itochu Corp / Enigmo Inc. / Team AI

20:00-21:30 - Networking Party at Craft Beer Bar (1min our office)
http://www.oltokyo.jp/ (cash on delivery / entrance free / drink from 400-600yen)

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参加費;無料 Admission : This is Free event


主催;機械学習研究会コミュニティ Team AI (株式会社ジェニオ)


100万人を目指す機械学習の研究会コミュニティTeam AI。現在メンバー3500人で30%外国人。渋谷で毎週勉強会・ハンズオンなハッカソン・交流会を開催。定期的に海外からAIやBlockChainでゲスト企業を招いたセミナーも開催。創業者石井大輔の”シリコンバレーの素晴らしい助け合いの仕組みを東京に創りたい”という思いでスタート。AIに特化した仕事紹介のキャリア支援事業も展開。



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