MiniConf #4 Blockchain Edition

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MiniConf #4 Blockchain Edition


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MiniConf is a series of 15 minute lightning talks that explore different topics in tech. This time, all of the topics will be blockchain-related.

We hope to see you there!


Please note: Doors open at 19:15. Please DO NOT COME EARLIER because it may interfere with daily business and event setup. Thank you for understanding.

Thank you to IOST for sponsoring the food and beverages at this event.


時間 内容
19:15〜 受付開始
19:30〜19:45 オープニング
19:45〜20:00 Dylan Tran
Lightning Talk1
20:05〜20:20 Ann Kilzer
Lightning Talk2
20:25〜20:40 Lukas Schönbächler
Lightning Talk 3
20:40〜21:05 Mohith Mothukuri
Lightning Talk 4

※ 当日予告なく時間配分・内容が変更になる可能性がございます。



Dylan Tran

Code Chrysalis・Senior Educational Software Engineer

Dylan was born and raised on the sunny beaches of Orange County, California. He was previously a software engineer at Walmart Labs and most recently, at where he led front-end development on a cryptocurrency exchange.


Ann Kilzer

Curvegrid・Lead Software Engineer

Ann Kilzer is the lead software engineer at Curvegrid, a blockchain solutions company based in Tokyo. She works on everything from full stack development of Curvegrid’s middleware product to writing smart contracts in solidity. Previously, Ann worked as a backend developer on Indeed’s search engine team. She holds a Masters Degree in Computer Science from The University of Texas at Austin, where she researched privacy and de-anonymization. She also earned Bachelors Degrees from Gonzaga University with majors in Computer Science, Mathematics, and Visual Art.


Lukas Schönbächler・Co-Founder/Software Engineer

After working as a Software Developer in a big company and a startup, Lukas co-founded together with three friends. For about two years, their main focus shifted from mobile to blockchain projects, working together with big names like Aeternity and Tezos. Lukas’ latest project is AirGap, a security focused open-source wallet.


Mohith Mothokuri

Code Chrysalis・Intern

Mohith is currently an intern at Code Chrysalis. He is a recent high school graduate currently taking a gap year, travelling and working in various engineering sectors in order to adopt core values and practices from disruptive innovators around the globe. An aspiring nano-technologist, Mohith is interested in smart materials, targeted immunotherapy, and sustainability. Once he completes his internship at Code Chrysalis, he's off to New York City where he will be researching at a Nano-medicine Laboratory.


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