AI from Scratch (ゼロからAIを理解する)

2019/03/03(日)09:00 〜 11:00 開催
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AI from Scratch

  • What is Artificial Intelligence (AI) ?
  • AI applied business case study with 3 machine learning models.
  • 4 common pitfalls need to be careful when build your own AI models

About this course

With the develop of technology, artificial intelligence has become one of the hottest topics around the world.

For this course, you will get a basic understanding of what AI is, and how to apply it to real business.

You will also get to learn 4 common pitfalls to help you avoid the mistakes which happen to a lot of beginners.

Features of this course

  1. Connect AI models with real business cases.
  2. No programming skills needed at all.
  3. Free to ask any question with AI or coding.
  4. The whole course will be presented in English.
  • ※ Japanese & Chinese questions are also available.
  • ※ 講座は全部英語で進めますが、質問は日本語や中国語でも対応しております。
  • ※ 本次课程内容虽为全英语授课,如有问题的话日语和中文也可以对应。


  1. AI Introduction
  2. Different types of AI
  3. 3 AI applied business case study
  4. 4 common pitfalls for AI beginners
  5. Appendix: How to use Jupyter Notebook
  • For appendix part, we will introduce it if there is enough time left.

Who this course is for

  1. Anyone interested in learning AI & Machine Learning & Deep Learning.
  2. Anyone interested about the rapidly expanding world of data science.
  3. Anyone who wants to use AI technologies to solve business problems but don’t know how to start.
  4. Anyone who wants to jump into AI world and becomes a specialist in Machine Learning & Deep Learning.


  • Nothing.
  • If you want to take notes, feel free to bring your notebook or laptop.

Course Schedule

08:45〜09:00|Reception starts

09:00〜10:50|Course based on agenda above

10:50〜11:00|Free talk


※ Schedule might be changed without notification in advance.

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