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どこ: HENNGE 本社 東京都渋谷区南平台町16番28号 グラスシティ渋谷 (5階)


いくら: 無料


Please join us to celebrate the launch of the community! We will give an overview of agility, how it is being used around the world to change how people organize, work, innovate, and deliver products. We will then look at the state of agility in Tokyo including stories from the field and current challenges.

When is it? Thursday, April 4, 19:00 to 22:00 (networking from 21:00)

Where is it?


16-28 Nanpeidai-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Glass City Shibuya (5F)

10 minutes from Shibuya station.

How much is it? It's free

Do I bring my food? You can. But there will be some food and drinks if you're not too demanding.

スケジュール Schedule

| 7:00 | コミュニティのミッション | 7:30 | お互いを知りましょう! | 7:45 | LT | 1.我々にとって、アジャイルとは何か? 2.日本のアジャイルの導入状況 3.変化は今から・自分から始まります | 8:45 | アクティビティ | コミュニティのバックログの作りましょう | 9:00 | ネットワーキング(任意)

|7:00 | Introduction of the organizers and the mission of the community |7:30 | Get to know each other :) |7:45 | Lighting Talks | 1. What do we talk about when we talk about agility 2. State of agility in Japan 3. You are the change agents |8:45 | Co-creation of the backlog of the community |9:00 | Social Event | Networking (optional)


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