Building scalable apps using microservices and APIs - with A. Belvedere


You've heard about microservices and APIs, and would like to understand how to leverage on them for your own applications?

Andrea is a veteran CTO with 25 years of experience in Software Engineering. He spent 7 years as the CTO of Gengo, and recently moved to WealthPark to lead the development of their mobile app.

In this talk, Andrea will explain through examples what are microservices and APIs, why an architecture using them is more robust, flexible and scalable, and how you can migrate from a monolithic application to this new architecture.

ApéroTalk is our event series based on a very simple (and very French) concept: Apéro and Talk.


• 7:00 pm - Doors open

• 7:30 pm - Talk and Q&A by Andrea

• 8:30 pm - Networking session

About Andrea Belvedere

Andrea is a veteran CTO with 25 years of experience in Software Engineering. His passion is in early-stage startups were he excels in building and leading the engineering team. Andrea’s strength is in finding a good balance between chipping away on technical debt and building new features.
Andrea graduated as Software Engineer from Westminster University in London.
Prior to WealthPark Andrea worked as CTO at Gengo for seven years taking the company all the way from early-stage startup to exit via acquisition.
Aside from Software Engineering Andrea is a keen amateur photographer.

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Go 1.13 Release Party in Okayama

岡山市北区柳町1丁目1-1 住友生命岡山ビル14階 クラスメソッド岡山オフィス

19:00 〜21:30


8月 23 FRI


横浜市神奈川区鶴屋町2-24-2 かながわ県民センター 602会議室

13:00 〜17:00


8月 24 SAT