【Blockchain×AI】A New Data Ecosystem and Use Cases


イベント概要 / Event Overview


Ocean Protocol is an ecosystem for the data economy and associated services. By bringing together decentralized blockchain technology, a data sharing framework, and an ecosystem for data and related services, Ocean Protocol is committed to kick-starting a new Data Economy that touches every single person, company and device, to better our world.

With a new data economy, we envision a world where:

  • Data and AI services can be harnessed by all for the good of humanity, and not controlled by a handful of powerful gatekeepers
  • The costs of developing AI solutions are minimized, so that the value of the "long tail" of Data and AI assets can be realized
  • Interoperability is built into the ecosystem from the ground up and based on the adoption of common standards, so that solutions can be built to span across a broad range of participants without inefficient / expensive bespoke integration work

We draw an analogy to the growth in world trade enabled by container shipping: the explosive growth rates of world trade since 1970 were strongly enabled by the adoption of ISO Standards for shipping containers. Such standards enable the construction and operation of much larger container ships, dockside infrastructure such as container cranes and container terminals, all of which are able to interoperate in global supply chains thanks to the common standards.

In the same way, we introduce the Data Ecosystem Proposal (DEP) project, which defines a set of open standards for the development of interoperable, decentralised data ecosystems, and Starfish an open source developer toolkit for building decentralised data ecosystems and use cases.

  • Any existing data resource can be "packaged" into a Data Asset usable with Starfish
  • Any existing compute resource or algorithm can be expressed as a Starfish Operation, and made available for remote invocation across the ecosystem
  • "Data Supply Lines" can be constructed representing a flow of data assets and execution of algorithms / compute operations across many participants

Starfish provides the tools and capabilities required for an application developer to create, orchestrate, execute and manage decentralised data supply lines spanning multiple parties in the data ecosystem. The ability for such parties to interoperate is made possible by conformance to DEP Standard APIs.

ブロックチェーンを用いたデータ流通圏のソリューションでは、様々な機能的要素を組み合わせることにより初めてそのエコシステムが形成される。 データ流通を念頭に設計されたブロックチェーン、データ流通における基本ルールの設定、データ流通のインセンティブ設計、それらを臨機応変にコントロールするツールキット。 データ流通圏が成立するための各要素が揃えば、ビッグデータを取り扱うAIシステムとの親和性もいっそう増してくる。

今回登壇するダリル・アーノルド氏はデータ流通圏の構築に特化したオーシャン・プロトコルの創設者であり、データ流通ソリューション構築に必要な様々なツールキットの開発・提供に携わっているDEX社(本社:シンガポール)、 また他にも数社を創業・経営しており、その一つが医療関係のConnect Lifeである。シンガポール政府と共同して、データ・トラスト概念の啓蒙、また最近はデータ流通圏のプロポーザルをGitHubに公開している。 データ流通圏を完結させる要素を全て兼ね備え、それらを全てオープンソースで提供しているDEX社のブロックチェーン・ソリューションの開発事例を、CTOのマイク・アンダーセン氏と一緒に具体的に紹介していきます。本テーマにご関心のある方は、是非にお申込みください!
開発者向けサイト https://developer.dex.sg/

タイムテーブル / Time Table

Time Contents Speaker
17:30 Registration -
18:00 Welcome and Overview of Ocean Protocol Daryl Arnold
18:10 Open Standards for Decentralised Data Ecosystems and introducing decentralised Data Supply Lines Daryl Arnold
18:30 Introduction to the Data Ecosystem Proposals (DEPs) for the development of interoperable, decentralised data ecosystems.
Mike Anderson
19:00 Demonstration and Tutorial of Starfish Developer Toolkit. Starfish is an open source developer toolkit for building decentralised data ecosystems and use cases.
Mike Anderson
20:00 Networking -


時間 コンテンツ スピーカー
17:30 受付 -
18:00 Ocean Protocol/DEX社概要 ダリル・アーノルド
18:10 データ流通圏時代のオープンスタンダードとは? ダリル・アーノルド
18:30 DEX社によるデータ流通圏の標準化提案 Data Ecosystem Proposal
19:00 ブロックチェーン・ソリューション構築を容易にするSDKツールキット
20:00 懇親会 -

登壇者 / Speaker

Daryl Arnold (from Singapore)
Founder and Chairman DEX Pte.Ltd. / Founder of Ocean Protocol


  • Daryl Arnold is an entrepreneur experienced in data, marketing, technology and sustainability.
  • Building businesses from the ground-up, achieving hundred million dollars plus of sales from Asia, Europe and America.
  • Following successful exits in the digital space, now focused on Smart Cities, Civic Innovation, Open Data, Internet of Things, Health Diagnostics and Active Ageing.
  • Singapore, UK, Germany and India base start-ups in the last 6 years include:
  •  ・Newton Circus (Invention & Investment for Good)
     ・Ocean Protocol (Decentralized Data Exchange Protocol, Tokenization, Marketplaces)
     ・DEX (Open Source Software & Services for the Data Economy)
     ・ConnectedLife (IoT, Smart Living, Health Diagnostics)
     ・Padang & Co (Open & Corporate Innovation, Start-up Match Making)
     ・Next Billion (Data Acquisition & Services, Emerging Markets)
     ・Datacraft Sciences (Data Analytics, AI)
     ・LEVEL3 (Innovation and Co-working with Unilever)
  • Lived and worked in the major world cities including Beijing, London, New York, Shanghai and Tokyo, and now based in Singapore since 2010.
  • Outside of business, happily married and father of three. A keen snowboarder and competitive squash player.
  • Mike Anderson (from Singapore)
    Chief Technology Officer DEX Pte.Ltd. / Founding Team Member, Ocean Protocol

    A technology consultant and entrepreneur with extensive experience in software development, data science, and AI, Mike is driving the development of the ecosystem of solutions built around Ocean Protocol, including the open source DEX data ecosystem proposals, Starfish development toolkit and reference marketplace for the exchange of data and AI algorithms. Before taking the entrepreneurial path, Mike was an Associate Partner at McKinsey & Company, where he was recognised as a global thought leader in software development and in the specific domain of healthcare IT. His projects included advising governments on health data governance, transforming software development processes at major banks, and supporting one of the world’s largest telco outsourcing deals. As a passionate open source software developer, Mike develops and maintains a number of software libraries and tools, including the core.matrix library for numerical computing. When not coding, Mike is an enthusiastic dancer who particularly enjoys bachata and modern jive. Mike graduated with a double first in Mathematics and Economics from Cambridge University in the UK, and also holds an MBA from INSEAD.

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    アクセス / Access

    場所: Speee 住所: 〒106-0032 東京都港区六本木4-1-4 黒崎ビル4階


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