PyData.Tokyo Meetup #7 - Meet the Top Kaggler


About PyData.Tokyo

PyData.Tokyo is a Tokyo-based community for users and developers of Python data analysis tools. The goals are to provide Python + Data enthusiasts across various domains of data analytics a place to share ideas and learn from each other about how best to apply our language and tools to ever-evolving challenges in the vast realm of data management, processing, analytics, and visualization.

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About PyData.Tokyo Meetup #7

In this rare opportunity, Owen Zhang from DataRobot, Inc. will be speaking at PyData.Tokyo meetup #7. He is one of the top data scientists out of a community of over 450,000 data scientists on Kaggle (the world’s largest platform for predictive modeling and analytics competitions), and will share tips, tricks and techniques on building world-class predictive analytic models.

Please note, this event will be held in English.

第7回勉強会としてPyData.Tokyo Meetup #7を開催します。今回は45万人が登録する世界最大のデータサイエンティストコミュニティ「Kaggle」の頂点に立つデータサイエンティストの1人であるOwen Zhangさんをお招きして、コンペティションでのアプローチやテクニックについてご講演いただきます。また、今回のMeetupは、自己紹介セッションを含め、英語での進行となります。


Time Description Speakers
19:00 Door open
19:30 - 19:45 Introduction to PyData.Tokyo PyData.Tokyo organizer
19:45 - 20:00 Self introduction by all participants
20:00 - 20:50 Cutting Edge Data Science Technique Owen Zhang
DataRobot, Inc.
20:50 - 21:00 Break and networking
21:00 - 21:50 Q&A Owen Zhang
DataRobot, Inc.
21:50 - 23:00 Get together
(Beer, pizza, and lightning talks)


  • Speaker:Owen Zhang (DataRobot, Inc.)

  • Title:Cutting Edge Data Science Technique

  • Description:What's the secret sauce in building the most accurate models? Owen says there isn't one. In this talk Owen will review several Kaggle competitions in which he scored high from technical perspective sharing the knacks and hunches he learned in the process. This talk is recommended for the practitioner of data science and those who are facing challenges in improving their modeling techniques.

Requirements for Signup

  • Agree to the No-Show & Late Cancellation Policy.

  • キャンセルポリシーに同意をお願い致します。
  • 今回のMeetupは英語での進行となります。全ての参加者の方に、英語での自己紹介を行って頂きますので宜しくお願い致します。また、講演の通訳はありませんのでご了承下さい。

Ticket Details

There are two types of tickets; First Come-First Serve(FCFS) and Lottery tickets. The FCFS tickets will be available at 8pm JST on January 30th. If the FCFS tickets are no longer avaialble, choose Lottery tickets. The lottery results will be announced online on February 6th.

Please note that a certain number of tickets are reserved for PyData folks who previously gave a talk or will give a talk in the future at a meetup.

先着枠と抽選枠があります。先着枠の申し込み開始は1/30 20時です。先着に間に合わなかった方は、抽選枠(抽選結果発表:2/6)にてご応募いただけます。

なお、PyData.Tokyo Meetupの開催に際して、運営にご協力頂いている方々、これまで/今後の講師の方々の参加枠を一部優先的に確保させて頂いております。予めご了承下さい。


  • This meetup will be held at Denso IT Laboratory Inc. (Map) in Shibuya, Tokyo.
  • Please take an elevator to the 28th floor at Shibuya Cross Tower (Map) to reach the venue.
  • Bringing in food and drinks from outside is allowed.

  • 株式会社デンソーアイティーラボラトリさん(地図)のセミナースペースをお借りして開催します。
  • 渋谷クロスタワー(地図)のエレベータで28Fまでお越しください。
  • 飲食物の持込みは可能です。

Participation Fee


Participation fee is ¥1000 to cover for beer, pizza, and snacks. We ask all participants to join the get-together for networking starting 21:50 at the same venue. Please pay cash at the door no matter whether you can make the get-together.



Lightning Talks

Sign up for a lightning talk when you RSVP, and you could give a 5-minite talk during the get-together. Examples of possible topics for lightning talks include the PyData tools, your data scinece project.


No-Show & Late Cancellation Policy

Due to an increase in the number of last minute cancellations (cancelling out of an event within 24 hrs of the meetup) and no-shows (not showing up and leaving your RSVP a "yes"), PyData.Tokyo has the No-Show & Late Cancellation Policy.

  • If you realize you can't make it, change your RSVP as soon as possible, or message an organizer.
  • If you make a habit out of no showing or late cancelling, we may remove you from participant list of upcoming events.


  • 予定が変更になり、都合がつかなくなった場合には、速やかに参加をキャンセルされるか、オーガナイザーに連絡をお願い致します。

  • 参加枠を確保しているにも関わらず不参加の方や、当日キャンセルをされる方は、次回以降の参加をお断りさせて頂くことがあります。

Live Streaming

A live broadcast on the PyData.Tokyo Ustream Channel is planned for PyData.Tokyo Meetup #7. The streaming will begin at 7:30pm JST on February 12th, and the video will be posted shortly after the meetup on the PyData.Tokyo YouTube Channel.

2月12日 19:30からPyData.Tokyo Ustream Channelでのライブ配信及び、Meetup開催後のPyData.Tokyo YouTube Channelでのアーカイブを予定しておりますので、ご活用下さい。


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