2016/06/06(月) 17:30 開催

第5回 大阪大学人工知能研究会「Computers that Read: Uncovering the Structure of Language with Deep Learning」


日 時: 2016/06/06(月) 17:30 〜 19:00
会 場: 大阪大学 豊中キャンパス 文理融合型研究棟 7F 第四講義室
定員数: 40人/定員40人
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平成28年度 第5回 大阪大学人工知能研究会を、下記の通り開催いたします。
University College London から大阪大学を訪問される、Jason Naradowsky 先生とPontus Stenetorp 先生によるご講演です。どなたでもご参加いただけますので、皆さま奮ってご参加ください。

第5回 大阪大学人工知能研究会「Computers that Read: Uncovering the Structure of Language with Deep Learning」

講演者:Jason Naradowsky, Pontus Stenetorp (University College London)
日時:6月6日(月)17時30分~18時30分(終了後、Discussion の時間を1時間設けます)
場所:大阪大学 豊中キャンパス 文理融合型研究棟 7F 第四講義室

Computers that Read: Uncovering the Structure of Language with Deep Learning

Recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI) have enabled self-driving cars, grandmaster igo systems, and have significantly improved the state-of-the-art in object, handwriting, and speech recognition. In this talk we will discuss deep learning, the underlying technology behind these advances, and its implications to the way computers process language.

We will begin by discussing deep learning in a supervised context, where the model is provided labeled training instances. In this domain, deep learning has revolutionized computer vision by learning rich, hierarchical representations of important image features. We describe the reasons for its successes and show how similar techniques can be applied to language, teaching computers to read and extract information from text.

We will then discuss unsupervised learning, frequently cited as the next major frontier in machine learning, in the context of language. We will discuss how the meaning of words can be learned from their contexts, and how the meaning of phrases can be learned compositionally from their positions within larger phrases. Interestingly this technique can also be applied to bilingual data -- where data in two languages is aligned at the sentence level -- to learn the relationship between phrases across languages. We conclude by discussing some of the current trends in state-of-the-art machine learning, and speculate about future breakthroughs to expect in the coming years.

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