2016/11/01(火) 18:30 開催
東京都 田町

【増席!】CC Dojo #2 Agile & DevOps Bootcamp in English


日 時: 2016/11/01(火) 18:30 〜 21:00
住 所: 東京都港区芝浦3-15-4
定員数: 29人/定員50人
申込先: connpass


About CC Dojo

Exiting new keywords are emerging within the IT space in Japan, such as Agile Programming, DevOps, Micro-Service and Container technologies. We have invited leading engineers from the US and Japan to introduce you how these technologies are growing in North and South America, through this special seminar. To ensure you with unbiased content, all presentation will be delivered in its original English language with no translation. Please enjoy the latest trend in IT through this opportunity.

CI&TとCreationlineが共同で開催する勉強会=CC Dojo。





19:00〜: Event Start

The IT industry is facing one of the most dramatic change in its landscape today. While we see legacy IT companies such as IBM, HP, Cisco, EMC migrate to the cloud, the real driving force is from emerging companies, who are cloud native from birth. Open Source is the key for the speed and innovation these companies are delivering, and we have invited 2 of the leading companies from the US to this event. Mesosphere, the company behind Mesos, the datacenter scale OS, optimized for container and distributed apps, and Chef, the leading DevOps solution company are here to introduce their latest offering and how they are supporting customers in Japan.

1. CREATIONLINE: Ippei Suzuki (10-15 min)

Ippei is the CSO (Chief Strategy Officer) at Creationline, Inc. Based in California, he spends most of his time building relationships with key OSS vendors, offering business development services for their market entry and growth in Japan and surrounding Asian countries. Represents many key technologies such as Mesosphere, Chef, Docker, MongoDB, Neo4j, etc..

2. MESOSPHERE: Stathy Touloumis (20 min)

Technical lead of strategic partnerships and business development at Mesosphere. His combined talent of technical knowledge and business experience kept him in the forefront of high tech, and now he represents Mesosphere, one of the most cutting edge datacenter management software for enterprises.

3. CHEF SOFTWARE: Matt Ray (20 min)

Matt is the director of partner integration at Chef. He leads an international engineering team that integrates software vendors products with Chef. He has been also long serving as an evangelist, leading integrations with AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform as well as launching the Chef Partner Cookbook.

4. CI&T: Alencar Koga (10-15 min)

As Head of Operations at CI&T, Alencar Koga leads the development team with his expertise and experience in lean & agile methods. In his previous career, he has successfully migrated many mobile services to smartphone usage with agile method. In this talk, Koga will introduce BCP "Business Complexity Points", a lean but reliable way to create estimate of a development.

CI&T, a global IT service company from Brazil helping digital transformation in Lean & Agile mindset and methods. Clients are global enterprises and businesses ie. Coca Cola, Google, Johnson&Johnson, Motorola and many others. Having done every project in agile since 2007, the over 2000 employees company is still growing.

5. ASBET :Charles Green (10-15 min)

Charles is the senior manager of engineering at ASBET, a fintech company in Tokyo, Japan. He has built his career in investment banking, and his experience is focused on fintech solutions that designed to serve major financial institutes in Japan.

Networking 〜21:00

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