WebHack#30 Secrets to Going Up Your Career Ladder



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Special thanks of gratitude to Indeed & U-NEXT who foster together with WebHack an open and collaborative engineering culture and sponsor the wonderful venue, food, drinks and SWAGs


WebHack never stops evolving! Embracing a new year, WebHack produces the first panel and workshop with fantastic panelists : engineering heads from Indeed, Pivitol, and U-Next, to share their secrets to climbing up their career ladders

Come hear from panelists, make your personal career plan and chat with all the attendees in the networking session




Zach Brown, Director, Pivotal Labs Tokyo

Zach started his career as a software developer, working as a contractor and consultant across many industries before becoming a team lead and technical manager. Now he runs Pivotal Labs, a consultancy dedicated to helping enterprises build software using Lean and Agile (Extreme Programming). He's a strong advocate for pair programming, TDD, and cat memes. See more on his LinkedIn

Benjamin Smith, Engineering Director, Indeed

Benjamin's team is focused on helping Small and Medium Businesses fulfill their hiring needs. Benjamin loves continuous improvement, people who are inclusive, hip hop, and working for mission driven organizations who help people. See more on his LinkedIn.

Don Werve, Senior Engineering Manager, Indeed

Originally designed by California as a destructive testing device for Apple laptops, Don has spent the past decade gathering stories of daring and valor in the trenches of software engineering management. When not Indeeding, Don spends his time divided between the kitchen, the library, the gym, and dancing like it's 1929. See more on his LinkedIn.

Rutong Li, CTO, U-NEXT

Being in software industry for over 10 years, Rutong Li has profound experience in both engineering and management. As the U-Next's CTO, he leads and orchestrates an engineer department by bringing in innovation as well as solid technology. See more on his LinkedIn.


Zack Kobayashi, Senior Learning & Development Facilitator, Indeed

Zack started his career teaching English in southern Japan before moving to Tokyo to move into a more corporate space. After moving to Tokyo, Zack spent some time in recruitment before joining Indeed as a corporate trainer. Zack facilitates behavior trainings that are aimed for all Indeed employees to further develop their interpersonal and professional skills. See more on his LinkedIn.

Ryan Cohen, Senior Engineer, U-NEXT

Ryan Cohen is a Senior Engineer at U-NEXT. Ryan also is building the U-NEXT web frontend and helping improve internal developer workflows, manage DevOps, and more. Ryan also maintains several popular OSS projects, as well as a website that is visited by over 3 million unique visitors a month. See more on his LinkedIn.


Time Session
18:45 - 19:15 Registration and Food
19:15 - 20:15 Panel Discussion: Secrets to going up your career ladder
20:30 - 21:00 In parallel:
-Fireside Chat: Challenges of managing a team
-Workshop: Set up your personal career goal in 2020
21:00 - 21:30 Networking & Mingling
21:30 Good night!


  • Access
  • Transportation
    • Tamachi Station or
    • Mita Station
  • Registration
    • Indeed Tamachi Office 18F


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