iJAWS #5 - Bonen edition!



Hi iJAWS members!

This has been a crazy year for AWS, and we have just wrapped up re:invent in Las Vegas (the largest AWS event ever). There have been over 400 updates this year, and it seems like we will hit over 500 in total for 2014.

Want a quick wrap-up of all the cool new stuff announced at re:Invent, such as Lambda (server less event driven computing), Aurora (highly scalable, high performance MySQL), S3 events, key management, ECS (docker management) etc etc? Well, this is the event to attend!

Time: 17th. Registration starts at 18:00, and event starts at 18:30.
Place: AWS office in Meguro (19F).

* AWS Service updates from re:Invent (Rasmus from Amazon)
* Using websockets with Elastic Load Balancer (Sergio from Coursebase)
* How Mobingi.com can help you deploy docker containers on AWS (Wayland from Mobingi)
* Want to talk about something, or maybe you have a request for something that you want presented? Let us know!!!

I just wanted to set a date before 2014 ends, and now I need your help organizing the event!

Looking forward to seeing you at the fifth and final iJAWS of 2014.

Rasmus and the iJAWS core members.

PS. I know a bunch of you guys will be going home for the holidays, so I am thinking of a re-run at the end of January


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