[AI and ML Seminar] Diffeo: DIFF: マシンインテリジェンスによって実現される分散型知的活動連携フレームワーク DIFF, Building a Decentralized Search Engine with Collaborative Machine Intelligence

[AI and ML Seminar] Diffeo: DIFF: マシンインテリジェンスによって実現される分散型知的活動連携フレームワーク DIFF, Building a Decentralized Search Engine with Collaborative Machine Intelligence

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DIFF: マシンインテリジェンスによって実現される分散型知的活動連携フレームワーク

DIFF: Building a Decentralized Search Engine with Collaborative Machine Intelligence by Jason Briggs (逐次通訳つき)



DIFF (分散型知的活動連携フレームワーク)は、オープンソースベースのスマートコントラクト フレームワークです。知識の検索、発見、キュレーションを加速する、分散型ピアツーピア マーケットプレースをもたらします。DIFFは、ゼロ知識ギャップ分析確率 (Zero-Knowledge Gap Analysis Probabilities) を用いて、人同士のコラボレーションを仲立ちします。Diffeoは、Ethereum ベースのDIFFエコシステムを立ち上げる準備を進めており、コラボレーティブ エージェントにより、人や私的なデータオーナー間の仲立ちをし、すべての人をよりスマートにします。

Companies spend more than $225B each year finding and paying experts for research. Current approaches to figuring out what keyword query to try or which expert to ask have been wasting hundreds of billions of dollars every year. Recent advances in human-machine collaboration are changing how people digest and understand their own data. To accelerate discovery, new peer-to-peer technology is needed for rapidly finding, trusting, and learning from other people on questions large and small. Today, vast knowledge lays hidden in the private repositories of friends, colleagues, and consultants. While data owners would gladly share with trusted partners, the lack of safe and automatic discovery mechanisms prevents people from finding each other in the moments when the right data matters most.

The Decentralized Intelligence Federation Framework (ÐIFF) is an open-source platform of Smart Contracts that enables the creation of decentralized, peer-to-peer marketplaces for searching, discovering, and curating knowledge. ÐIFF uses zero-knowledge gap analysis probabilities to mediate human-to-human collaboration. Diffeo is launching the ÐIFF ecosystem on Ethereum to enable these collaborative agents to mediate interactions between humans and private data owners, making everyone smarter.

Diffeoについて・About Diffeo


Diffeoの「拡張インテリジェンスは...かなりの差をつけて大賞を受賞しました」Col. DiPaolo NGA [2] Diffeoは重要な金融機関 [3] や政府機関におけるアナリストを強化しています [4]。


Diffeo is a platform of collaborative agents that grew out of DARPA Memex. Users invite Diffeo into familiar tools like Outlook and Chrome, so that it can highlight knowledge gaps and uncover connections [1].

Diffeo’s “augmented intelligence … won the grand prize by a considerable margin,” Col. DiPaolo NGA [2]. Diffeo is augmenting analysts in critical financial [3] and government institutions [4].

Instead of Googling for public information and manually digging through private archives, users invite Diffeo's AI-powered agents into familiar tools like email and web browsers, so that Diffeo can uncover connections and highlight knowledge gaps. Diffeo grew out of research in DARPA Memex and has a growing group of enterprise customers in defense intelligence and financial services.

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by Jason Briggs

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Jason Briggs

Diffeo, Co-Founder

母親がコンピューターでファイルを見つけようとして、なかなか出来ない様子をみて、ジェイソンは2014年にMeta Searchを共同創業。ジェイソンが現在COOを務めるDiffeoと2016年に合併するまで、同社はソフトのベータ版公開直後、何千ものユーザーダウンロードを記録しました。Diffeoでは、Salesforce(Salesforce Incubator 2017:AI Cohort)や、FinTech Innovation Lab in NY, 2018などとのパートナーシップをリード。

Jason co-founded Meta Search in 2014 after watching his mom try, and fail, to find files on her computer. Meta launched to thousands of beta users before merging with Diffeo in 2016, where he is now COO. At Diffeo he is leading partnerships with Salesforce (Salesforce Incubator 2017: AI Cohort) and the FinTech Innovation Lab in NYC (Class of 2018), among others.

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